Temecula Pest Control

As one of our main service areas, Temecula experiences pest problems that are as diverse as they are irritating. Temecula is located at the southwestern tip of Riverside County, and is surrounded by sprawling winery vineyards, rural hillsides, and urban developments. With a warm, mostly dry climate, Temecula’s pests enjoy the outdoors as much as you—though they occasionally find themselves taking up shelter in your hard-earned home.

Temecula pest control can include any number of pests, like ants, silverfish, crickets, wasps and bees, earwigs, snails, cockroaches, and spiders like the dangerous black widow. Your specific pest issues will depend on where your home is located, but any pest from a miniscule flea to a furry rodent is an unwelcome guest in our book. Our Temecula pest control services will effectively remove four, six, and eight-legged critters from your property and maintain that they won’t come back.

Our method for pest control in Temecula starts with a thorough investigation of your property to find where pests are entering and/or exiting or have set up a colony. After we diagnose your pest problem, we create an action plan to remove it. Depending on the pest, this may take more than one treatment. We will then follow up to be sure that the problem is extinguished, and can return for maintenance as often as you’d like. We use proven methods that are developed for your family and pets, and offer a 100% organic option.

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"The work was done to my satisfaction including the removal of wasp nests and spiderwebs. Thanks, again, Homefront for having a professional service that is so customer oriented."

- Julia

Highland, CA