Organic Pest Control

Home Front aims to provide the most effective pest control solutions with optimal results and minimal impact to the environment. To achieve that, Home Front continues to look for the latest and safest methods and products to use. All products are EPA and industry approved ensuring not only a pest-free environment but safe procedures. Now, organic options have also become viable.

In line with offering home-tailored solutions according to client’s needs, Home Front also offers 100% Organic Pest Control solutions. In some cases organic option is the effective remedy but may not be the answer for all pest problems.

For more information, contact a Home Front representative about Organic Options.


Effectively solve pest problems by getting the right professional services.


"The work was done to my satisfaction including the removal of wasp nests and spiderwebs. Thanks, again, Homefront for having a professional service that is so customer oriented."

- Julia

Highland, CA