Orange County Pest Control

Orange County is one of our main service areas, and comes with unique pest issues due to its multifaceted geography. With the great Pacific Ocean to the west, the urban metropolis of Los Angeles to the north, the Santa Ana Mountains to the east, and the expansive San Diego County to the south, Orange County’s pests range from the tiniest of ants to larger wildlife that sometimes gets mixed up in the wrong neighborhood.

Common critters we encounter with Orange County pest control include ants, rodents, and cockroaches. Your home will see different pests depending on what part of the county you call home, but these are some of the most frequent unwanted house guests. Have you seen one too many pesky intruders who are starting to make your skin crawl? Give us a call. Home Front Pest Control can diagnose and treat even the most difficult and dangerous of pest issues in Orange County.

For pest control in Orange County, we employ numerous effective methods to get rid of everything from prolific bed bugs to noisy rodents and repulsive roaches. We offer a worry-free organic option.

When it comes to Orange County, pest control is our specialty. Contact us today to eliminate your O.C. pest problems.


Effectively solve pest problems by getting the right professional services.


"The work was done to my satisfaction including the removal of wasp nests and spiderwebs. Thanks, again, Homefront for having a professional service that is so customer oriented."

- Julia

Highland, CA