Can Ants Damage My Home?

Ants have colonized every landmass on Earth, except for Antarctica and a handful of remote or unlivable islands. They can form 15 to 25 percent of terrestrial animal biomass in any given ecosystem. Out of an estimated total of 22,000 species, over 12,500 ant species have been identified.

Ants are some of the most widespread pests in the country. Some, like the Pharaoh ant, will infest your food and transmit diseases and pathogens. Most ants are just a nuisance.

However, one ant that will cause physical damage to your home is the carpenter ant.

About Carpenter Ants

Carpenter ants are large insects…

Best Way to Catch a Mouse on Your Own

Mice and humans have an interesting relationship. We keep them as pets. Their body and organ structures match humans to a high degree, making these cute little critters perfect for lab experiments. As helpful as domesticated mice are, the average wild mice can be a bit of a pest, invading your home, getting into your home, and being a generally lousy guest. If you have a mouse in the house, what are some of the best ways to catch it?

The Standard Trap

When you think mousetraps, you’ll probably have the classic spring-loaded mousetrap in mind. These traps have been…

Common Misconceptions of Cockroaches

Cockroaches are a common insect. Out of 4,500 species, about 30 are associated with human habitats. Four of those 30 species are well-known household pests. While there’s no doubt that cockroaches are pesky creatures, there are several prevailing myths and misconceptions surrounding the behaviors and lives of these insects. Here are just a few of those myths.

1. Cockroaches only infiltrate homes that are dirty and in need of maintenance.

Cockroaches are often associated with dank, dirty, disgusting environments, and while they do enjoy characteristically damp environments, they are not picky about the homes they infiltrate. Cockroaches can enter even…

Common Southern California Pests and Their Seasons

Southern California is home to Hollywood, theme parks, endless sandy beaches, warm weather all year, and plenty of interesting characters. As lovely and picturesque as Southern California is, it’s not entirely free of its problems. Insects and pests cover all areas of the globe, and sunny Southern California is no exception.


Southern California is usually treated to a temperate winter. But still, the drop in temperature encourages some pests to find warmth and shelter in our homes.