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Each year, pests cause damages worth millions of dollars

Damaging homes, invading food supply and crops, and causing medical conditions are among the problems caused by pests. These problems translate to substantial economic harm to families and homes. Termites alone account for over 5 billion dollars in structural damage to homes in the U.S. Other pests, such as rodents, fleas, and bed bugs, cause medical and nuisance damages. Most pests often attack and go unnoticed until much harm has been done. Don’t wait for that to happen. Turn to professional pest control services of Home Front Pest Control for help.

Effective pest control solutions from Home Front

Dedicated to quality and service, Home Front Pest Control only uses EPA and industry approved products. This means pest problems are solved using highly effective products that follow approved industry standards. In some cases treatments can be done even while people and pets are in the home. At the same time Home Front continues to look for better methods and products.

Effective pest control is protection for your home and family

Protect your investments

You’ve worked so hard to build the house of your dreams and create a home for your family. Don’t let pests destroy it. Many pests remain unobserved quietly attacking your home until it’s too late. Your furniture and other possessions aren’t fully safe from them either. Termites destroy structures while other pests like silverfish and crickets chew on small items in your home. Home Front Pest Control can protect your possessions by identifying and eliminating the pests in your home, as well as preventing them from coming back.

Protect your loved ones

You do everything to keep your family and loved ones safe. Sometimes they can be harmed by the smallest pests that usually go unnoticed in your home. Ants, bed bugs, spiders and other pests can harm your loved and cause health risks. Our professional pest control services can help you maintain a pest-free environment. Home Front Pest Control can do this by exterminating all current pests and keep them from coming back.

Protect your peace of mind

There are much more important things for you to worry about than the pests in your home. Let the professionals worry about it. Home Front Pest Control will take care of your home like no other. Solutions are tailored according to your needs. The inside and outside of your home are also inspected and treated for complete protection. With Home Front taking care of the pests you can have peace of mind and the ability to take better care of your family and the other things that matter to you.

Get professional services from Home Front’s professional staff

From the office staff to pest technicians, Home Front ensures you get the professional treatment that you deserve. Right from the start you will feel your importance when you call to inquire and be handled by courteous and well-trained staff. For servicing you will also be amazed with Home Front technicians who are experts in their field and will treat your home like you do—with utmost care and efficiency in service. All in all, Home Front will not only take care of your home, but will also take care of you.


"My experience with Home Front Pest Control was very positive from beginning to end. I appreciated the follow up call received from the office to confirm scheduled services as well as clarifying contractual commitments. The technician was punctual and very thorough. He took extra effort in insuring that our service needs were met and that I was completely satisfied with the work done. Thank you!"

- The Hernandez Family

Colton, CA